hi, all!

hello, everyone!

i hope all of you had a nice New Year’s Eve! happy new 2011 to all, and let your most beautiful dreams come true! here with me the party continues. 😀  i dont know how to convince my little master of disaster, that it is time to put house in order :- D now junior slept, and now is the time for Mom!  😆

card that will show you shortly, is the first that made this year. it goes into my little shop

:- ) when i was a kid, i had a favorite book – the wind in the willows (kenneth graham) somehow, this little cute fella  reminds me of illustrations from the book. ( stamp is from penny black clear stamp set `tiny wishes`).  i wanted to get a fresh, spring card with a burst of spring colors and mood, with a slight vintage twist. unfortunately, the glitter, which are reinforced spines of hedgehog and stamps in the corners, are not clearly visible (sorry for artificial light in the picture).

i had little fun with needle and thread, my quilling – tool also came into use. i must confess that im very glad of the roses – they are mine production. of course, mandatory for my cards butterfly, also  decorative needle, again made by me and lot of pearls.  with this card will participate in the challenge of stamp something – something with glitter chalange. i hope you liked my modest card! 




2 responses to “hi, all!

  1. Hi there … thanks so much for your comments … I really appreciate it … I am a fan of your work too … and this card is just so beautiful … love the image …

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