my muses have returned

hello, everyone!
lately i feel that my naughty muses have gone somewhere to a party without me. you know, all those petty, stupid, everyday things that can sometimes make you go insane! lately  i’m not so productive as i would like to be …

however, today i found some time to show you some cards that sit on my desk for days

story about the card, which ill show you first, is a a little crazy. few days ago i  cleared my craft place and found several pieces of paper that did not think i will use. just for joke began to cut, playing with ink pads and ribbons, and this is what i got:

😀 yes, i know that i should be `thinking in pink, and Valentine hearts`, but sometimes i’m vice versa of any trends. lately i like to work with warm earth tones… this card goes into my humble etsy shop

next card is very special! this is a birthday card on our very good family friend.

i keep this wonderful digital stamp by some odd girl, who i won by a great challenge for something really special, and here we get this card. Kody is terribly cute, do not you think? actually, this is my first ‘man’ card and i really hope its recipient liked it. also,with this card i will participate  in 365 cards –  day 315 – superior sketchy sunday. bether late then never!

sketch is really delicious

and the final card for today – the idea of this card i saw in this wonderful blog, but I made a few changes

what to tell you, i ‘m addicted to butterflies and hand-crafted pins! 😀

so from me. thanks for stopping by! i hope you have a wonderful day!




5 responses to “my muses have returned

  1. So glad you liked the sketch, and what you’ve done with it is beautiful! Your other cards are fabulous, as well, and I say definitely go with the earth tones because you are rockin’ them!!

  2. I did find very much to get inspired from here. You make very lovely cards and the take on the sketch is no exception. = )

  3. Me encanta!
    Una interpretación genial.

  4. wonderful batch of cards!!!! I love the stars on the second.. and butterflies always make me smile

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