watchful nights

hello, people!
i hope all of you are well, smiling and happy, despite cold and foggy weather.
here with was a little mad house – my hubby got sick, after that i gave up to viruses, of course, the kid was sick  too – and that makes me totally crazy! sometimes there are moments, which is better for you not to think but to do something – a few years ago, when i felt that things became to seem bad, i hide myself in the shooting and overcome the tensions with my favorite Glock and several rounds of ammunition. 😀 now, however, i found a peaceful way to feel good.

today i’ll show you two cards that i made for two sleepless nights, while stalking the fever of my man and child

of my recent cards is very clear that i have favorite techniques and tools that make me feel really in harmony. with this card i will participate in 365 cards, day 322, in superior sketchy sunday. word that i chose, is `friendship` – friendly hug at a difficult moment for me is one of the priceless things.

and here is a wonderful sketch

second card, which ill show, is inspired by by the author who I really admire.

i must admit that i find some graduation – i starting to get bolder with designer pieces of paper, instead of paint by myself  backgrounds or to use decoupage. kissing mice, butterflies and decorative pins are also starting to become something like my trademark. 😀

so from me, my friends, thank you for stopping by at my humble place.
i wish you all a lot of harmony and love!


5 responses to “watchful nights

  1. what an adorable card!!! that image is sooo sweet and wonderful work!!!!! great job 🙂

  2. Sweet cards and bold colors.
    Hope both you and your family has recovered now.
    Thanks for joining us this week on the sketch challenge on 365 Cards.

  3. Me encanta!
    La tarjeta es preciosa, con esos colores tan dulces y con esa imagen tan bonita.
    Gracias por jugar con nosotros en 365 cards!!

  4. what sweet cards 🙂 hope your family gets well soon (it is going around my home also, not fun!)

    lol I love going to the shooting range with hubby 🙂 It is a wonderful way to relieve tension 😉

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