butterfly frame

hi, darlings!

Spring came to me! sun, warm wind and the fresh scent of blossomed trees that comes through my window in the morning, make me extremely happy! card that will show you a little, not suggesting associations for spring blooms. recently my passion for the warm, earthy tones rises again. I’m very funny oxymoron! And here’s my card

with this project I will participate in 365 cards – day 20 Super sketchy sunday. i hope you like it! 🙂

actually, I made this card for my friend who had a birthday. she also likes earth colors, so I think this card will fit it exactly. here is closer look:

recently, these flowers appear in almost every project of mine. they are very addictive! as well like a butterfly and frame

 so far from me, dear guests of my blog. I wish you a nice and smiling day!
Now I am going to chase sunlight 🙂




9 responses to “butterfly frame

  1. thanks for the kind words to all of you, my darlings! 🙂 :hugs:

  2. Que maravilla!! me encanta como has colocado la mariposa en el marco y esas dulces flores

  3. Such a wonderful card. Love all the little flowers and the colors.
    Great take on the sketch!

    Thanks for playing along at 365 Cards this week.

  4. stunning card and love the flowers and details!!!! WOW…..

  5. the butterfly and rolled flowers on your beautiful card are awesome 🙂 love your take on the sketch

  6. благодаря ти, Светлушка! :blush; нали знаеш, оценка от тебе си е напарво като шестица :DDDD

  7. любимите цветенца, любим елемент – рамката, любима техника – изонит, любими цветове .. прекрасен десен .. Картичката ти е страхотна, Нати!!

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