hi everyone!
how was your day? here with me is a great summer – I use every opportunity to wander with my child in parks and gardens and being outdoors.. we found a wonderful, secret place in the churchyard – a beautiful garden with many beautiful flowers and fountains, with a wonderful playground, peaceful location. really is like a piece of Eden! Boromir and I love to play there – it is hard to believe that the center of the big, noisy city is such a magical place hidden i was little worried to take pictures because i thought it would be a manifestation of  ‘secula’vanity` to shoot` there – somehow, it is ‘holy ground’ and might be acceptable to take photographs.) but it is really nice – our secret place where my child plays quiet, but I can gather my thoughts…

to say that the card that will show you shortly, it is inspired by our ‘secret garden’. here she is:

with this project i will play in CCCB – week 64 – birds of a feather

charisma cardz challenges – challenge 27- all about flowers

papertake weekly challenge – anything goes

here’s some more photos and details

whenever i work with this beautiful stamp of `hero arts`, i am tempted to add lots of flowers and decorations in the project. lately my cards are full of flowersq but im just in love in these tiny roses! i wanted this card to recreate the feeling of beauty and harmony.


i do not know whether you see the picture clear enough, but i reinforced the colors of roses with liquid pearls of Tim Holtz. `magic ‘here is that i added to the pearl a drop of  baby oil, diluted with hot water, so i got  very delicate shade of base color and roses glowed…

furthermore, i decided it would be a good idea to reinforce the leaves of roses with red ink – it looks almost like a real garden roses.

little blue sparrow is made with mini Prima-stamp. i like to add my favorite buttons and hand-made ​​hat pins to my cards – (i found wonderful beads in local smallwares, and have fun while doing great pins. ) my hubby said that this frame looks very ‘fantasy’, from a tale of kings and queens – in his opinion, the bird looks like a crest, pin looks like a sword, a knob like a knightly shield. what to tell you, my beloved is very imaginative person, great fan of Shanara and LOTR, so that this association does not surprise me the least bit. 😀

so far from me, my dears! i hope you enjoy my card. and thank you for your patience to read this long entry! 😀
iwish you a wonderful summer and a lot of harmony!


5 responses to “bloom

  1. thanks for your ind words. ladies!

  2. Gorgeous! LOVE how you rolled back the paper! Thank you so much for playing along at CCCB!

  3. WOW!! this is so pretty. I love how you rolled that page. Thanks so much for playing along with us at CCCB!

  4. How lovely, thanks for playing along with us at CCCB!

  5. This is a masterpiece … so detailed and beautiful in every way … your little secret garden sounds perfect … thanks so much for playing along at CCCB

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