sweet home

hi everyone!
i again hid for a while – we were doing repairs at home, much more serious business than ‘cosmetic’ procedures that we had before. repainting the walls,  in general, for a week we lived like camping. but it was very good – according to my husband, colour of our new wals is `pale cappuccino `, i think it is ` peach pink`, like a pavilion for Japanese tea ceremony. i joked that instead of welcoming guests with cocktails and slippers, i will welcome them with kimonos and tea. anyway, our home repairs were one of the reasons i’m gone, but thankfully, ended quickly and the house back in order again. and, according to Murphy’s law, whenever somewhere chaos inevitably happens, there is something else to supplement the already existing such chaos. exactly at the height of the highest tension, one day junior scared our stiff with a sudden nosebleed, ask me how i felt while going to the doctor – a big deal, everyone has nose bleeds sometimes, but i did not think so frightened when i saw my crying, almost three year old boy. 🙂 honestly, i am one of those terrible mothers who act calmly and without panic in a stressful situation, but the after-shock after a similar incident collapse me. thank god, the kid is okay now, the doctor said nothing to fear, however, occurs much drama when i have to put medicine in his nose..i must admit that because of all this tension probably have a few new white hairs in my dark hair, but as a friend of ours said, `this is the way in which aging, Natasha`.now everything is fine again, and i confess i could not wait to hide in my little studio, just do not know of another therapy to keep my hands busy.

card, which will show shortly, is inspired by the challenge of CCCB – home, sweet home. given my thoughts above, i think that theme fits me like a glove 😀 and here she is:

this is my first card-house, and, although i see very imperfections, i felt very Zen, while working on this project.

this gorgeous   ‘ whiff of joy’ stamp is one of my favorite – i mention somewhere here that the image refers to a normal part of everyday life at home, and i think that recreates a soft and cozy domestic scene. i colored the image with watercolor pencils and i used my favorite technique of mixing colors with baby oil. also, with this project i will participate in the challenge of `whiff of joy challenge` – buttons and bows

🙂 i hope you like what you saw 🙂 so from me, dear guests of my humble blog. thank you for stopping by and thank you for your patience to read this long entry:)

i wish you harmony!




7 responses to “sweet home

  1. What a cute card – love the house shape and all those decorations you added. I think it will look wonderful displayed in the house around christmas time!

    Thanks for joining us at WoJ this week!

    Kathrin aka Kruemel

  2. This is just DELIGHTFUL! Thank you so much for sharing your talent at CCCB!

  3. This is so cute.. Thanks so much for playing along with us at CCCB!

  4. Wow what a time you have had … glad your little one is ok … this is a beautiful project … beautifully coloured … I hope you are feeling better now and thank you for joining us at CCCB

  5. That is so lovely and so fun, lots of pretty elements, thanks for playing along with us at CCCB!

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