my masterpieces for the past 2011

hi, peeps! ! i wish all of you, who have stoppe here, a very, very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR! let all of your dreams come true, and creativity and harmony allwaws be with you!

so, im a big fan of blog-games, so i decided to jump  in

i can not tell wich is my favorite cards, everything, that i n\made with my hands, brings a special meaning to me and to reciever, bit, still, there is a few cards, that с can say that they are my masterpieces! 😀

this card is very, very special for me – i think this is the coolest thing i’ve ever created. this is the card i made for the birthday of my little three year old son

i hope you liked what you saw! happy new year! thank you for stopping by!




One response to “my masterpieces for the past 2011

  1. What a stunning collection.
    Thanks for joining in with My Favourite cards of 2011.

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