slightly disappointed

hi there.
today i would not show you my cards, dear guests of my blog, or passing-by persons,  that google has brought up here. today, to sat the least, i feel bad, mad,   totaly pissed off and kinda screwed! here is what about:

as i have a mention here, i am big fan of elizabeth bell designs. compared with the shockingly ugly and rude primitives that i notice that is the latest trend  in rubber stamps, elizabeth bel`s fine works fits very nice on my understanding of beauty. my furst touch witг her brilliant images was with `whiff of joy ` stamps. thats why, wheen my blog turns a year, i decided to make a present to my self, so i decided to buy some rubber stamps of ‘whiff of joy’. so far, so good:)

i was surprised that in the registration form of the on-line store i was not able to add my  exact address – more precisely, there was no spot, where i could enter number to my own mailbox. i live in a mansions where this small detail is very important part of the address. to be even more fun, mailboxes on my block are just numbers with no names – fine, but stupid design decision.  anyway, i  read carefuly shop pollices and  the fine print, which showed that i can make purchase  without insurance – in this cace,  delivery cost about two euros, which is perfectly acceptable. but also be offered by insurance – delivery, whereby, in case of loss or damage there money back. price – five euros.

well, i am not a trader. i am bying rubber stamps for personal use. usuallu, i am ordering one item, in very rare cases – two. agree with me, for something that cost  six euros to pay more than half the price of delivery is, to say the least uneconomic. moreover, bulgaria, incredible as it sounds, is located in the european union. where we assume that the quality of postal services is high enough. i’m shopping often enough online and i never had a problem with delivery , in addition, i received items from my friends in england and austria, so i can say that i have fairly good idea of postal services.

so, for that particular case, despite the small detail that i could not fill my full address, however, i make my order. without insurance. i received a shipment of four days – just as was written on the website of an online store. stupid thing in this case was that i had to sneak postmen – if the address is not complete, the mailman  just lieve the letters in the hallway of the building where it is entirely possible to simply disappear. stupid, but – fact. anyway, i have my  purchase and i was very pleased. i have to admit that i love my tiny collection of elizabeth bell designs and often overexpose their use in my work. i really like her style – as i said before, i’m not a fan of ugly and expressionless primitives that are so fashionable lately. i am a lover of fine things.

so, for my 2nd blogversary i desided to make another gift to my self,  and i ordered new stamp of `woj`. again, low delivery cost – indeed, you must agree with me that 5 euros insurance for something that costs 3 – it is sounds, awful dull! and, i received the shipment. with no probs! four days.  with stalking of mailman for fun (man, it sounded as if i`m a particularly nasty pinscher) for sure, the stamp that с was received was just wonderful!

it was clear to me that i could receive shipments of ‘whiff of joy’ without any problem, and without having to pay too high a price for delivery. just was necessary to add the full address, in particular – the number of my mail box. subjective details, but terribly important!

i  decided at the next purchase from `woj` online store i ll take the opportunity to write a note on delivery where to point my exact address. when i made the order and paid through paypal, i noticed that i made a small typo in my msg. bummer! so when i received an e-mail which informed me that my order was being processed, took the opportunity to respond to the letter, where i typed my  address correctlyq and, honestly, i felt realy stupid. i was assured that i will get the shipment of the requested address.  it is important to note that they dont offered me to do insurance – just told me that ill receive the shipment at the address i’ve declared.

so far so good! i started waiting for my new rubber stamp. you can imagine my impatience, and projects that i imagined i would create with another illustration of my favorite artist.

but, i waited more then week. i  did not receive anything. i check several times in the post office too, but – nothing again.

i thought it was possible, however, a mistake. all are human and make mistakes to be fully human … and, ultimately, i was ready to pay for the mistake, regardless of my or another. again, i did notice in my order. i bought two stamps, but the price i must pay for them, was too low to allow myself to pay almost double delivery fee with insurance! again i added the correct address to which to forward contract. i was too naive to believe that after  i’ve correctly entered the correct information, there should be no problem. or i’m wrong, maybe?

well, i waited again. a week.  and – nothing. i decided to write to online store where i told most of what you read here. they told me that since i have not paid the insurance, they can not trace the shipment. when consignment is a low-cost delivery they can not do anything more after they put in the mail. also explained that sometimes shipments traveling about three weeks, so there is a real chance to get its first shipment safely, the second – to wait some more. well, i am waiting more than a month! and i still have not received anything! i dont see meaning to write back to the shop – it is clear that since i have not paid the insurance, i will not be able to track the shipment and get the money back, and as a whole is quite possible my purchases go to hell.

however, what bothers me is why they are given two options for delivery, rather than a single, universal, which covers any damage? in most of stores (not craft ones) things are in this way. in this case, it appears that without any problem i can get my items that are without insurance, but i have to rip loads of nerves when i check in the post office or accidentally met the mailman. it turns out that if i provided the correct address at which to receive the shipment, for trader there is no problem to take my money, but if i did not insurance, it is quite possible my purchase to go to hell? i do not know. probably i will not get stamps because, as i said, i waiting the  shipment a month and a half. clearly, money-back is not an option. here in bulgaria we have a saying for situations like this – to wait a letter from a dead-man.

so, i feel upset, screwed, and i must admit – offended. what i can certainly say is that more would hardly be a customer of`whiff of joy`-  definitely not. yes, someone made a mistake somewhere, but these mistakes cost too expensive for me.  i feel really stupid! i wonder whether it is fair enough for me to download advertising images of the stamps that i ordered, too play a bit with photoshop and use them as digital?  definitely, i have paid for them, right? moreover, i have seen enough blogs in which things happen in this way – i saw enouch cards wich is made with stamps that are copied or images that are passed through digital processing – trust me, these are sufficiently obvious to someone with more experience (some authors are even brazen enough to sell such cards) . honesty? are you seriously? i literally conform to the `angel polices` of brands i work with, how  ultimately, my rights are protected? as a customer, in this case?

so, way it is. hail and farewell, `whiff of joy`! i think it is time to become loyal customer elsewhere.



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