pure beauty

hi there! long time no see, and long time no craft, as i can say, but here with me lately was a real jim-jam of emotions and events…

first, about a month ago bulgaria was hit by an earthquake, 5.8 on the richter scale. it was pure coincidence that at that time i was awake and when i felt rumbling under my feet and shake then … would you believe me if i say i have no recollection how i grabbed my son to hide it in a safe place? very bad experience, and the earth reeled from the after-shocks for a week. i dont want to experience such a nightmare again, but im happy with my cold-blooded reaction during the quake. im from that terrible breed of women who iscalmy and steady in stressful situations … to be demolished by the after-stress. thank fate that no casualties or serious damage … god keep all of such horror.

then came my birthday – is approached by one year to duck steps of old age, and although i started my 35th trip around the sun (im still a teenager, i know 😀 ), i was into saturnian tunnel. but it passed!

then my little boy fell ill with measles – but before rash, my litle boy suffering from high fever, which seriously scare me because there was no way to reduce the temperature! thank god my little superman is already well and spend relatively mild disease!

during the night relieving watches while i was following my child’s temperature, i  started reading the saga of ‘black dagger brotherhood’. the novels of j.r. ward  totally possessed me! im a big fan of science fiction, i have special preference for gothic-literature, but this series – man, this saga was a real treasure! i like vampires and i love the idea that they became a sub-cultural symbol, but if i must be honest, i did not like the idea of sappy, sloppy and brilliant sun inert super-models. the novels of j.r.ward ate my need of a real ferocious and biting vampires, along with an extremely interesting story.

so, the world is back in order again.  my kidd goes to kindergarten, i expect the next book to come out of `the black dagger brotherhood ‘. now restore balance to the parables of jorge bucay, and finally found time in which to hide in my little ‘sanctuary’, and amid the chaos of ribbons, stamps, papers and gadgets try to have formed some beauty with my own hands. here’s what i got:

frankly, i dont know what gives me greater pleasure – to create cards or photograph them. picture you see is made in my small garden on the balcony. here’s a closer view and more details:

i  really like this girl – author of the stamp is my favorite elizabeth bell. i decided to experiment with pink and brown- i stampedthe picture on kraft paper, and colored the image with my derwent coloursoft pencils. i blended the colors with white spirit, and made some slight distress image versa inks, yhen i added some pearls from my stash.

i used `dovecraft` papers  for my card. i like distressed edges of the paper, and i  made hand stitching to achieve vintage effect. i put cheesecloth, lace and ribbon are from my stock, i made a hat-pin that matches the colors and papers.

and, of course, many, many flowers

with this card i will participate in elphine house – distressing or paper tearing 

well, so far from me. thanks for stopping by at my humble blog, and thank you for your patience to read this long entry.
i wish you harmony!




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