the big 5 of 2012

quite literally, a few hours left in 2012. frankly, i`lll not shed tears when this year finally ended. there were a pretty bad days, but many beautiful moments too. i could write thousands of  situations and people, to tell of won battles and disappointments, to say about the people who believed in me and gave me wings, i can tell you about the new white threads in my sinful dark hair, tell you about new, fine lines around my eyes, to tell a lot of laughter and tears, to tell about whisper of love and warmth, to tell of days in which a well-sharpened sword is eferences to my right, but i will not. instead, i prefer to look over my shoulder at the past twelve months and see what i created. i cant say that i have only five favorite cards – i love all of mine masterpiece, because in everything i create with my hands, i put a piece of my heart, but i have several projects that are of particular matter to me. here’ they are&

mothers day1

beautiful girl1

make a wish1




as for me, at least for this year. happy new year!


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