hi, there!

long time no blogging:D but there’s a reason for 😀 

me finally went mad in. ..  i started watching tv-series!  today…i’m addicted to `The Vampire Diaries`. yeah,  someone needs to call the people in white coats! 😆 i`m into gothic horror, i’m a passionate fan of Anne Rice – she is classic, and basically, i have treated quite skeptical of the new wave in vampire genre.  (vampires that sparkle in the sun? what the …???)   so i surprised myself when i started watching `The Vampire diaries` – randomly saw an episode, it was interesting to me, and now look forward to each successive episode, even more to my surprise, that i really like the show. bull**its are  kept to a  sanitary minimum, i love  acting. besides, i really like Nina Dobrev – i think that she have potential for a serious actress when she grows up a little, moreover, it`s cool that she is Bulgarian  just like me. i  really like the show and eagerly await each episode. …also, Damon Salvatore – m-m-m, yummy! 😀 so, my new obsession with vampire series is one of the reasons that i take the time to crafting.

then my kid was ill – we had to fight serious flu virus, and he had to stay at home for three weeks. it was terrible moment! thankfully, now my child is well, but just as he recovered, and decided to go back to kindergarten, it turned out that kindergarten is quarantined for scarlet fever, and here’s how Boromir stayed for a few weeks at home. but it’s cool – i love when we are together, because there are always interesting things to do. letters to learn, things to create… and we both love to watch animation! it is very nice how rediscovering some great Disney classics through the eyes of my little boy… sometimes i think it’s really cool that little one is at home – although sometimes he  became the master of disaster, but that’s the charm of being a mom of a little boy.

then, my beloved MIL visited us for a few days…

and so on, and so on…

so these days i finally managed to steal some time to hide in the organized chaos of my little ‘sanctum sanctorum’ among the papers, stamps, ribbons, and all the small gadgets that make me happy – i definitely needed to make something beautiful with my hands .

a long time i wanted to make a card with a mermaid as the main image. but i cant find the right mermaid, which i really liked – not as a rubber stamp, or as digital. until i saw `Aqua Marina`  of Sugar Nellie (yes,  my love with supernatural creatures has grow up and up).   since i saw her, i imagine the card that will do, and that’s what happened:

sugar nellie mermaid1i  wanted to create a card that looks like a mysterious sea garden. i do not know how i managed to achieve the desired effect, but sometimes the pursuit of perfection can be a real pain in the… 😆 here is some more details:

sugar nellie mermaid2beautiful papers are `prima`, `zephyr` collection. i added a lot of flowers from my stash. beautiful tiny shells are a remnant of old jewelry. i put them between the flowers and put onto it a tiny pearl.

sugar nellie mermaid3

sugar nellie mermaid4

beautiful lace is from my stash too.

sugar nellie mermaid5

sugar nellie mermaid6

i have had this gorgeous swordfish for ages. i keep it for a really special project, and i think its find her perfect match on this projekt. its really cool, right:)

sugar nellie mermaid8i`ve colores image with my `derwent colorsoft` pencils, then i added here and there a closy accent with glitter gel-pen. i put music sheet behind the mermaid, then i punched around the papers with my newest `tonic studio` punch.

sugar nellie mermaid9

i must confess – i had a lot of fun with this card:D with it i will play inseveral challenges:

the sugar bowl – 101- anything goes

cupcake craft challenges – 234 – mythical creatures

card makin mamas – spring colors

well, thank you for having stopped here:)

i wish you armony!



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