summer joy

peek-a-boo! how are you doing, peeps?

i am filled with ton of good emotions and positive vibrations!

yesterday i saw a white swallow! in bulgaria it is a mighty symbol of hope and good luck. rare bird indeed and yesterday i saw it fly right outside my window! i felt as if an angel from heaven told me gimme` five‘! was a priceless moment …

later in the day when i went to pick up my son from kindergarten, junior hugged me and cuddled me. a litle girl come to us, she took my face in her tiny hands, smiled at me with her beautiful smile and told me: ‘you’re beautiful like a tiny rose `! after a few minutes i was in the middle of a group of children who hugged me and my son! children are a wonderful gift from heaven, really …

once you have the patience to read this far, it’s time to show you my card – finaly:D i made it to one of the teachers at my son, celebrating the end of the `school year`. here it is, with ton of details:

mermaid1 mermaid2 mermaid3 mermaid4 mermaid5 mermaid6i hope you like my humble card, dear guests of my virtual home:D

with this card i`l play in:

the sugar bowl – 103 – anything goes

card makin mamas – 70 – rubber stamps

totally gorjuss – 184 – water

charisma cardz challenges – 20 – here come`s summer

thank you for stopping by! i wish all of you to meet your symbols of luck, love and harmony!




3 responses to “summer joy

  1. beautiful card- I’m sure his teacher loved it! Thanks for joining us at Card Makin’ Mamas. x

  2. Lovely card and lovely colouring! Such a sweet image, beautifully put together card xxx

  3. So lovely!
    Thank you for sharing at charisma!

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