first card for 2015

hi, there! long time no blogging – in fact, this is my first entry of the year. even more specially, cuz i will show you the first card i made for challenge – i wasn’t made card soon, a year maybe. now – i think – my muses have return. and… drum rolls, please – here is my first card for 2015: feyai have realized i really miss all that crafty mess, while create some of my cards – all that mess of papers, and flowers, buttons and bows… i have a lot of fun, when i worked on to card. and so on, with this card i will play in several challenges  (wish me luck, it’s been a year, since i played in a challenge for a last time)

the sugar bowl – 120 – anything goes

crafting for all seasons – 94 – things with wings

well… thank you for stopping by my blog! i wish to you all a really great year! hugs! Natasha


3 responses to “first card for 2015

  1. So cute!
    Thanks for joining us at CFAS!
    Jani x

  2. What a fabulous Card so Sweet love the Paper and the Image.
    Thank you for joining us at Crafting for all Seasons.
    Hugs Elfie

  3. So beautiful and colorful. Thank you for joining in the Sugar Bowl challenge. We hope to see you again!

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